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Post  king2k on Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:12 pm

Have done a lot of changes now on the server. Basically I have played around with some community made scripts and also the beta patch exploit.

here is the list of added features

  • only clear weather and full moon nights.

  • ambient lights in houses at night. will randomly flicker on and off
    ( more info at Working House Lighting

  • Added AI again. There are still some issues involved and I hope it will be sorted out soon. They will dynamically be spawned/despawned around the map according to player movement. There are 3 AI factions. Survivors, Bandits and Soldier.
    AI survivors (shoot Zeds and player bandits)
    AI bandits (shoot Zeds and player bandits/player survivors)
    AI soldiers (shoot Zeds, AI bandits and player bandits)
    (more info at SARGE AI Framework )
    I will improve on this script myself or wait for official updates...

  • Added base building. This will allow you to build fortifications etc with the right tools and items in the inventory (wire, wood, scrapmetal, hedgehog, sandbags). Additionally I have modified the script to allow building an ammo box to store stuff. No more do you need a big tent to store your precious loot. Be aware that removing the ammo box will also loose all that is inside.
    (more info at Base building 1.2 )

  • If you study a body will now tell a estimate of when he died. eg. "The body is still warm (<5)" = he died less than 5 minutes ago. I know the server and client can get out of sync due to low fps on server, so It might be a little off..
    ( this was made by me)

    Arma 2 OA beta patch exploit
  • You will now spawn in with random skins. not just the typical survivor skin, but also other skins like civilian skins, pilot skin and light soldier skins. Many dont show backpack, but it is still in the inventory (like sniper skin). If you change skin then you will not get the skin back. instead a standard survivor skin in the inventory).

  • some new vehicles can spawn like:

    havent adjusted the spawn chances optimal yet, so not sure how often they will popup:)


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Oh my god...!

Post  Per Christian on Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:17 am

Love the new features, except for the AI...Too much and too many! In my opinion, they spawn too often. I drove from three valleys to NEA, and encountered no less than four groups of people trying to kill me, and helicopters were constant flying around. Good idea, but its too much, I think.
Maybe consider changing the spawn rate of the AI? Thenagain, I love the rest. Funny though, the AI soldiers are amazingly stupid in reference to the other groups, like the AI bandits.. -What does the AI helicopters do? They seem to just fly around, and they do not shoot at survivors.

Per Christian

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